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Integrated Marketing

Our philosophy is simple: Web marketing helps you optimize your website to gain a return on your web investment.

Web Marketing is Power!

  • Create and Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Develop Leads
  • Convert Leads Into Clients
  • Create Profits

At SidusDesign, we're focused on your business succeeding on the Web. In order for you to get the most from your website, it is extremely important to us to help you promote it. Our web marketing services are designed to help you conquer the Internet and make your website work for you.

Get These Results - We Will Help You!

Annapolis Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing ServicesGet the results you want at rates you will love!

We offer a variety of web marketing services, from search engine optimization and keyword strategy to bundle packages including email marketing, web reporting and e-newsletters.

Web Marketing Packages

Search Engine Optimization

In short - this allows search engines to locate your website when someone searched for it by web address.

Search Engine Optimization... the buzz term for making a website findable. For crawler-based engines, this refers to the way a website is constructed to match up with search engine algorithms and indexing criteria. For directories, it refers to the information, or content, included on your web pages, and the information you send to a directory's human editors.

Other Search Engine Optimization options include:
Pay-per clicks, directories and linking strategies. Contact us to find how we can help your organization become easier to locate and more visible on the Web.

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Search Engine Reporting

We Can Help You Get Better Search Results!

Search engine optimization is a continuing effort. The variables that influence search visibility and rankings are constantly changing: Search engines update their rules. Competitors constantly optimize their pages to improve their rankings, and new players enter. How can you stay at the top of the search engine list?

Whether you're a business owner, a marketing professional in a larger corporation, or an experienced search consultant, this service provides the comprehensive set of tools you need to improve your search results to stay at the top of the list. Monthly positioning reports are sent to your inbox automatically so you keep on top of your URL and keyword positions.

 Sidus Integrated Marketing  Sidus Integrated Marketing Sidus Integrated Marketing

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Email Marketing

Send Eye-Catching HTML Email Campaigns

With our email marketing service you stay connected with your customers. Send e-newsletters, announcements, sales notices, membership news - whatever you need to stay in touch with your client base. Let them know you're there - a great way to get immediate and measurable results.

You Get:

  • A professional HTML email template designed specifically for your organization
  • A follow-up report letting you know who opened your email and who clicked through to your website - thus allowing you to know who your "hot" prospects are!
  • High email delivery rates - delivers HTML or text email - intuitive to know what type of system it delivers to so your messages are sure to get through.

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Web Stats Programs - Two Options to Choose From

Sidus Web Stats ProgramsRead The Reports - Get The Advantage!

Urchin Web Reporting
Urchin is a widely deployed web reporting system to help you determine the success of your web marketing efforts. You invested the money to develop and launch your website and marketing plan - now see the results and make adjustments as needed to guarantee the best outcome!

Getting an edge in the online marketplace isn't easy. You are confronted with a sea of variables - finding appropriate advertising sources, cultivating the right affiliates, optimizing keywords, and not overpaying for any of it. Driving traffic is just the beginning. How do you design a site that consistently delivers results and how do you know where visitors get frustrated? It's easy to find yourself in over your head. 

Sidus Web Stats ProgramsWebalizer Reports
Webalizer, an unsophisticated reporting system, produces several reports for each month processed. In addition, a summary page is generated for the current and previous months (up to 12), a history file is created and if incremental mode is used, the current months processed data.

Contact us to find out how you will benefit by making snap decisions that will enhance your website's performance and better your business.

Monthly Reviews - 2 Options to Choose From

Basic We analyze your data from the web reporting service you choose (Urchin or Webalizer) and provide you with a packaged review and consultation on your web strategy. This Basic package does not include changes to your website.

Basic Plus An in-depth analysis of your data from the web reporting service you choose (Urchin or Webalizer) We then provide you with a packaged review keyword supply and demand and consultation on your web strategy. This Basic Plus package includes keyword changes and limited website text changes.

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Web Results Programs - Four Options to Choose From

Bundle Packages That Save You Money!

Web Results Program - 1
Includes Web Position Gold, Search Engine Submission, Urchin Web Reports and Monthly Review "Basic".

Web Results Program - 2
Includes Web Position Gold, Search Engine Submission, Urchin Web Reports and Monthly Review "Basic Plus".

Web Results Program - 3
Includes Web Position Gold, Search Engine Submission, Urchin Web Reports and , Monthly Review "Basic Plus", plus your choice of email marketing (1 per month) or we will help you manage your Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Web Results Program - 4
Custom design a Web Results Program package with services that are right for you. You get a free consultation to develop your program and price will be based on your final requirements. You decide what works for you!

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Monthly Maintenance Packages

Keep Your Site Fresh - Keep Your Visitors Coming Back!

We'll do the work for you! Offered in 2-hour and 4-hour increments, this monthly service allows you to update and keep track of your website changes. Includes all text changes, adding or deleting graphics and photos and other maintenance decisions to help you keep your website up to date and fresh for your visitors. These Monthly Maintenance Packages do not include adding or deleting web pages.

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Web Marketing Performance You Can Count On!

Our web marketing performance is essential to your business's success. In addition, we also believe that form follows function - that's to say, the best web marketing alone is meaningless without a purpose behind it.

 Internet Marketing Strategy - A Sidus Data Case Study 

The Powerful Medium to Market Your Products and Services to the World!

In 2000, the Sidus Data (parent company of SidusDesign) integrated a complete Internet marketing strategy for their AlwaysOnline and RaqShaq divisions. Their integration approach combined radio, print, and web marketing.

Increased sales became apparent immediately.

During 2001, the web marketing portion was refined and enhanced. The electronic and print forms of marketing were dropped late that year and they turned their entire commitment toward marketing on the Internet - Web marketing.

The Result:
Sales increased by 59% during FY2002 and profitability rose by 89%! All as a direct result of Sidus' Internet marketing strategy for those divisions.

SidusDesign has developed a unique and proven methodology to drive sales and reduce the costs associated with advertising and marketing. These dramatic results have been accomplished, solely, by utilizing the power of the web marketing.

Since 2001, customers have contracted with SidusDesign to develop their Internet marketing strategy, with a focus on search engine web marketing. Our results have been tremendous and client satisfaction has been very high!


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