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Sidus Cloud Hosting – More Green for Less Green

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Sidus Green Cloud Hosting

While most organizations either have or are planning a “green initiative”, most technology companies’ efforts grind to a halt when it comes to environmentally conscious hosting infrastructures. Traditionally there has been a perception that Green Technology must be expensive or require a major compromise in the price to performance factor. Sidus Cloud hosting, however, is Green Hosting without the expense or compromise.

The Sidus Cloud Green Hosting infrastructure starts with ultra-efficient Dell PowerEdge blade servers. The Sidus blade infrastructure provides the first building block of a Green hosting initiative Take a look at the table below for a comparison.

16 Dedicated Servers (1 client per server) - Blade vs 2U

Power Consumption 30% Savings
Cooling 30% Savings
Physical Space60% Savings
Material Weight60% Savings

While these numbers are impressive from a conservation standpoint, when you move these same 16 clients over to the Sidus Cloud Hosting VMware vSphere architecture, which pools multi-server resources, the Green factor becomes astounding!

16 Sidus Cloud Dedicated Servers - VM vs 2U

Power Consumption 87% Savings
Cooling 87% Savings
Physical Space94% Savings
Material Weight98% Savings

Unlike most common perceptions about Green hosting, Sidus Could clients can achieve these kind of savings while taking advantage of the additional benefits of server virtualization, such as increased reliability and scalability. With Sidus Cloud hosting, clients will also see a 25% reduction in the other kind of Green, the cost of your hosting bill over a traditional dedicated server plan.

That’s more Green for less Green!

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